Green Tip – Unplug

Ever heard of vampire power?  It is the electricity your appliances suck out of the grid even when not in use.  Basically, anything with a light on it, like your DVR.  For more in-depth information on vampire power, check this out.

I’m kind of crazy about unplugging things like my hairdryer, toaster, coffee machine, etc.  Not sure if this makes a huge difference, but I have the lowest electricity bills amongst a couple neighbors of mine (who live in similar size houses with the same amount of people and dogs) that I’ve polled.  Almost 50% less in one case!  There are other things I do to save on energy costs (more on that in later posts) that I am sure contribute more to my energy savings, but one of our Simple Lean & Green mottos is small changes add up over time into large results.  Every small effort counts towards saving money and saving the planet!

Obviously, it is a pain in the popo to go around unplugging and plugging things back in again all the time.  Technology has come to the rescue!  I haven’t used this product yet myself and this is by no means an endorsement, so please do your own research before purchasing.  Check out the smart power strip which seems to do the unplugging for you.

Speaking of unplugging, why not try an electronic sabbatical and unplug yourself?  I’ve read about a few people doing this on either a regular or once in a while basis. This means not turning on your computer, or cell phone or TV, etc. for a certain period of time.  It could be a day or a week or maybe even a few hours.  During a recent vacation, I watched very little TV and only got on the computer to check on travel arrangements.  I also shut my cell phone off (mostly because my provider charges crazy international rates).   I can honestly say that I didn’t miss any of it very much and actually enjoyed the “unplugged” time a lot.

For another example of someone’s experience during an electronic sabbatical click here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve checked out an energy meter from our local library. I’ve been on the list for months, but it’s finally here and I can’t wait to see what the “damages” are for leaving unnecessary things plugged in.

    Thanks for your article!


  2. I would love to hear about your experience! Let me know what the “damages” are.


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