What we do…

We help businesses, from the single entrepreneur to medium size companies become lean and green, efficient and sustainable, save money and save the planet.  That’s the 30 second elevator pitch.

We will help you to identify and eliminate 10 different types of waste in your organization.  We will guide you on the path to going green or getting “greener”, and help you to get certified and recognized for what you are doing.

Part of our corporate vision statement is: “PM Perspective is a green conscious consulting organization, providing services to our clients that raise their environmental friendly practices and consciousness while increasing their bottom line.”

Yveatte is a natural born “tree-hugger” and has had a long time focus in her life on how to live in such a way as to consciously minimize negative impact on the planet and be a conscious and educated consumer.  I have had a growing awareness of my impact on the planet (and how it may affect my children) and spent many years in corporate America witnessing waste of all kinds.  As Yveatte focused on working for the environment, I focused on a vision of a more efficient way of doing everyday business.

Together we have developed Simple Lean & Green for Your Business. 

Simply put, we come in, share some info on the 10 types of waste, (we like to think of it as raising consciousness – our gift to the planet and you), and with you, think through how you might identify and eliminate these types of waste in your business.  We’ve taken the 7 types of waste identified in Lean methodology and put them together with the hot topic wastes of water, energy and trash.  You are the expert in your business – we can help you look at it from a different perspective where you may be able to reduce your consumption, whether it be material or incremental.  Save some money and help the planet too.

More and more consumers are choosing businesses that are “green”.  We’re not talking organic produce here, we mean “business”!  Any kind of business.  Would you like your office, practice, restaurant, gym, spa, salon, etc. to be considered green?  Of course!  Would you like to see where you are wasting time, space, energy, anything in your organization?  We help you to do that. 

We also love to do presentations for groups on Lean and Green in your business and your home.  If you belong to a group that needs a speaker on this topic, please contact us.

For more information, visit our website: www.simpleleanandgreen.com.


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