Green Tip of the Day – Water

I was inspired to write this week about water due to a call to action to all bloggers from the Blog Action Day.  Here are two tips and some resources to help you change your water use habits for the better!

At home or on the go, reduce or eliminate your bottled water consumption.  Use a water filter (either pitcher, faucet attached or under sink) and a reusable water bottle.  This not only eliminates the plastic used for the bottles and the cost to transport those bottles, but also reduces the energy needed to recycle.  If you are on the go and need a refill, check out Tapit for establishments that will happily refill your bottle.

At the office, install a water cooler and filtration system that is either connected to your building’s plumbing or check out the newest innovative water cooler from Island Sky Water that pulls the humidity out of the air and turns it into clean, fresh drinking water for everyone in your office.  Either of these systems will eliminate the need for those ungainly 5-gallon water bottles – who wants to transport, store and get them on and off the water cooler anyway?

There are obviously more steps you can take to reduce your water footprint , which I will cover in the future, but either of these steps is a great one to start on your work of becoming leaner and greener in both your personal life and your business.|Start Petition

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