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Green Tip of the Day – Driving

Everyone knows that we are burning a lot of fossil fuels with all the driving that we do, but we have to get from A to B somehow.  Depending on where you live, where you need to go and when you need to go, taking public transportation is not always an option.  So, I asked myself, “What is a girl to do?” and following are a few “Rules of the Road” that I have collected from various sources over the past few years:

Drive the highest miles per gallon vehicle that you can.  Ok, you have four kids, so a Yaris isn’t going to work for you, but there are always options.  Even saving a few MPGs is going to save you money in the long run

Keep your vehicle in good condition and make sure your tires are always properly inflated.

Combine trips and plan your route ahead of time to minimize the miles you have to drive.  This will not only save money, but will also save time!  Oh, and make sure your write that shopping list before you go (and bring it with you – that is the hard thing for me to remember) so you don’t forget the milk and have to “run” back to the store.

Don’t make that trip!  Personally, instead of going to the library to look for that book I want to read, I go online to my library’s website to make sure it is there and, if not, place a hold on the book and go pick it up when it is there.  This saves me the hassle of an extra trip.

Lastly, you could always ride a bike…which reminds me, I have got to get my bike in working order – cool weather is coming soon to South Florida!


Introduction and Welcome!

First of all, welcome to our Simple Lean and Green blog!  We will use this blog to help our friends and partners keep up with us and get to know us a little better, and to share information that we feel is valuable.

Who are we?

Patricia Martineau is the “leaner” partner of PM Perspective Inc. and Simple Lean & Green. With a background in aviation technical operations, and systems and project management, Patricia witnessed much inefficiency throughout her career. She has always had a personal green consciousness and became fascinated with the business possibilities after studying Lean at the LAI (Lean Advancement Initiative) at MIT in Boston and then being exposed to the concepts of “Green IT”. Patricia saw the synergies, the potential, and the emerging market, and created the concept of “Simple Lean & Green” to increase the rewards of the growing green consciousness throughout the business community today, as well as a path for businesses to be more competitive through reducing wasteful practices. She is at the fore-front of the crowd, educating, leading, giving, and helping others help their own businesses save, give back, and thrive!

Patricia is a graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara, acquired a PMP certification (Project Management Professional) in 2003, and has a Six Sigma Greenbelt and a Master’s Certificate in Applied Project Management from Villanova University.

In addition to being the ‘greener’ partner at PM Perspective Inc. and Simple Lean & Green, Yveatte Rothermel works for the Florida Earth Foundation, a non-profit organization. At Florida Earth she coordinates educational programs focused on water issues in Florida. Previously Yveatte worked for Vayan, an interactive marketing and data solutions company in Boca Raton, FL, as the Human Resources & Recruiting Manager. In her five years at Vayan, Yveatte helped grow the company from ten to 50 employees, including full life cycle recruiting from entry to executive level positions. She also implemented benefits and performance management programs from the ground up, including an online performance tracking tool to automate functions for managing employee goals and activities. Previous to Vayan, Yveatte held roles at several internet startups, including Eggrock Partners and Breakaway Solutions, which were full service providers of e-solutions. While pursuing her Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management, Yveatte did a 15 month practicum at OSRAM FSL in Foshan, China where she worked as Assistant Personnel Manager in charge of all expatriate employees.

Yveatte has a BBA degree in International Business from Schiller International University (Heidelberg, Germany), a MIIM degree in International and Intercultural Management from the School for International Training (Brattleboro, VT) and studied Environmental Education at Florida Atlantic University.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure in Simple Lean & Green! We appreciate any feedback you give us.