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Green Tip – Your Footprints

And I don’t mean the type of footprints you leave behind in the sand or the snow, depending on what part of the country you are in at the moment!

There are a few ways you can measure your footprint and your own impact on the earth.

One of my favorite footprint calculators is from the Global Footprint Network.  They measure your household’s impact in terms of how many planets it would take if everyone lived your lifestyle.  It is very interactive and visual.  Give it a try here.

You can also measure your footprint by how many tons of CO2 your lifestyle belches out in a year.  There are quite a few of these available.  The Nature Conservancy has one that you can check out here.

Ever wonder how much water is really takes to make that cup of Joe?  According to the Water Footprint Network the average amount of water it takes for you to get that caffeine fix averages worldwide at around 140 liters.  All products you purchase have a water footprint.  If you are interested in seeing how much that steak, piece of chicken or your favorite veggie needs water wise before it gets to your table, check out the Water Footprint Network site here.

Don’t get freaked out when you see how many planets you need, how much CO2 your lifestyle belches or how much water it really takes to grow that steak you had for dinner last night.  There are steps you can take to reduce your impact, some of which we have talked about already in previous posts.  Just be conscious of your actions and take small steps to lighten your load on the planet!  For example, have a meatless day once week, drink tea sometimes rather than coffee or try public transport or carpooling to get to work or an event once in a while.