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Green Tip – E-Waste

You received a new computer, iPod or cell phone as a present for the holidays. Is your old device still sitting somewhere in your home because you don’t know how to properly dispose of it?  This is a common problem that I have come across time and time again.  You don’t want this stuff piling up and cluttering your house, but you also don’t want to send it to a landfill – what to do?  There are actually quite a few resources out there that can help.

Many retailers offer discounts periodically when you bring in your old device to be recycled.  I purchased a new printer last year from Office Depot and was able to bring in my very old printer, which they sent to be recycled at no cost and I received a discount on the new printer.  If you have some time before making a purchase, do your research on these programs.  Best Buy and Apple also offer trade-in and/or recycling services.  This, obviously, doesn’t mitigate your current pile of stuff, but there is help!

The following is a list of websites that have resources to help you find the appropriate recycling program for your e-waste.  You can also check your local municipal waste collection facility website to see if they have drop off locations for e-waste or have specific days when they pick up this type of trash.

Environmental Protection Agency:



The following websites give you the opportunity to trade in your e-waste for cash.  Disclaimer: I have not personally used any of these sites, so cannot offer any advice on how they work.



Secure Trade In:

The following website charges for its recycling services.   Unlike some of the other sites, they also take video and cassette tapes and is the only company I could find that recycles that sort of e-waste.  Got to throw in the disclaimer again, as I have not used their services yet.

Green Disk:

If you are feeling generous, there are programs out there where you can donate cell phones to soldiers, computers to local charities, etc.  Keep your eyes and ears open for events in your area if you are interested in donating.

Before you recycle anything, make sure your data is wiped clean from the device and for cell phones, take out your SIM card.

Happy Recycling!



Green Tip of the Day – Envelopes

What to do with all those envelopes you get with your bills, but don’t use because you pay your bills online? Of course, the greenest way to reduce your envelope consumption is to have your bills delivered via email, but that doesn’t work for everyone.  The next most obvious answer is to recycle them.  However, there is a way to get one last use out of them before they go into the recycle bin.  Use them for shopping lists and put any coupons you have for those items on your list in the envelope.  This helps keep you organized, stick to your list and save some money because you remembered the coupons.  Once you get back from shopping – don’t forget to toss that envelope into the recycling bin!